Logo ET Slavi Slavov and sons
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The Company was established in May, 1993 with the following subject of ac-tivity: study, design and execution of repair, construction and blast works on all types of construction projects.

From its establishment in 1993 till now the Company has been managed by Mr. Slavi Bonev Slavov M.Sc.(Civ.).

It has worked on and handed over successfully the following civil engineering projects:

-Execution of drilling and blast works on project "Anthracite" - EAD - town of Svoge, District of Sofia, in liquidation.

-Heat supply to TPK "Hudozhestven Ambalazh".

-Reconstruction of the Botanical Garden - Monument of Culture at "Kliment Ohridski" University - Sofia.

-Repair of Stores - 162th Secondary School, Botounets, Sofia.

-apital Repair of 159th Secondary School, Chelopechene - Sofia.

-Repair of 58th Day Nursery, Chelopechene, Sofia.

-apital Repair of 161st Secondary School, v. Dolni Bogrov, Sofia District.

-Reconstruction of "Sv. Todor Stratilat" church, Dolni Bogrov, Sofia District.

-Repair of "Club of Retired" - Bouhovo.

-Reconstruction of "DIAL" EOOD Laboratory, Bouhovo.

-Demolishing of a Nursery - Bouhovo.

-Emergency Repair of "Village Clinic" and "Town Hall Building" - v. Dolni Bogrov, Sofia District.

-Emergency Repair of "Village Clinic" - v. Dolni Bogrov, Sofia District.


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